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Szarvas Operations & Logistics Coordinator

JDC Hungary has an exciting opportunity for someone energetic and motivated to join our small team.

Please send a letter of application and current CV in English to orsolyako@jdc.org

Deadline: 9:00 am, Monday, April 16th


Job Title: Szarvas Operations & Logistics Coordinator

Hours: Full time, flexible contract

Reports to: Director Szarvas

Office Base:

- JDC Hungary Offices, Sip utca, Budapest for most of the year
- Szarvas camp during the season

Overall Aim:

Working within the Szarvas team, and reporting to the Szarvas Director, to be responsible for ensuring the logistical and operational needs of the Szarvas camps and associated activities, are carried out efficiently and effectively.

Key Responsibilities:

- Dealing with Szarvas suppliers, including finding and creating a network of appropriate suppliers, being a first point of contact for them and negotiating and overseeing contracts.
- In combination with the Szarvas Coordinator, to be responsible for overseeing certain specific areas of the Szarvas operation, ensuring that the services ordered are provided/carried out with an appropriate level of quality control and supervision
- To oversee the repair and maintenance aspects of the Szarvas campsite, in coordination with the Szarvas Site Manager.

Key Tasks:

- Being based at Szarvas during the season
- Ordering transport, accommodation and equipment that is related to the areas of the Szarvas operation that have been allocated to them
- Preparing contracts in coordination with the lawyers and using pre-prepared legal templates wherever possible
- Collecting and filing all documentation related to purchases and operations
- Helping the Szarvas Renovations Project Manager as required with regard to any Szarvas building projects
- Assisting the Office Manager with general JDC Hungary contracts and operations as required
- Attend all Szarvas team meetings and be a full and active member of the team
- Attend all JDC Hungary team meetings and be a full and active member of the wider team

NB: The successful candidate will need to reside in Hungary and have mother tongue Hungarian and high level English.